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Dodgers’ Slugger Adrian Gonzalez Refused To Stay At Trump’s Chicago Hotel

‘I had my reasons.’

via Twitter

For many years, the Los Angeles Dodgers have stayed at Chicago’s Trump International Hotel and Tower when in town to play the Cubs. But this year, Dodgers All-Star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez refused to stay with the team and booked himself separate accommodations. “I didn’t stay there,” Gonzalez told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. “I had my reasons.” Later, when asked about his decision he said, “We’re here to play baseball not talk politics.”

It’s no surprise that Gonzalez has a problem giving money to a business owned by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Gonzo, as he’s called by his fans, grew up and Mexico and has represented the country on the field in international competitions and the World Baseball Classic. Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump has been a very unpopular figure amongst Mexican-Americans. He referred to Mexicans as “rapists” in June 2015 and, if elected president, says he will deport millions of undocumented Mexican immigrants.

This isn’t the first time Gonzalez has stood up for his political beliefs. In 2010, he spoke out against Arizona’s infamous Senate Bill 1070, a law that made it a crime to be in Arizona without valid immigration papers. “It’s immoral,” Gonzalez told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “They’re violating human rights. In a way, it goes against what this country was built on. This is discrimination. Are they going to pass out a picture saying ‘You should look like this and you’re fine, but if you don’t, do people have the right to question you?’ That’s profiling.”

Gonzalez’ solo home run in the second inning last night in Chicago was the only run the Dodgers needed to defeat the Cubs and tie up the National League Championship Series series at one game a piece.

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