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D.C. Came Together For The Capitals’ Stanley Cup Victory, And No One Is Enjoying It More Than Alex Ovechkin

It was the city’s first major championship in 44 years.

It’s been 26 years since a Washington, D.C. sports franchise won a major title. But that all changed on Thursday, June 7, when the Washington Capitals defeated the Las Vegas Golden Knights in game 5 of the best-of-7 series Stanley Cup Finals.

It was also the franchise’s first Stanley Cup victory in its 44-year history.

Washington D.C. is a diverse city fueled by the divisive power of politics, so the power and beauty of the entire city coming together for the Capitals cannot be overstated.


Even though the final game of the series was played many miles away in the Nevada desert, fans filled Capital One Arena to watch the game together. And the entire arena was ecstatic.


The celebration continued in the streets and in bars throughout the nation’s capital.


But no one seems to be celebrating the victory more enthusiastically than the Capitals’ star left-winger and recently-crowned Conn Smythe playoff MVP, Alex Ovechkin. It shouldn’t be a surprise, since his first message to the people of D.C. after winning was, “It’s going to be so crazy. Get some beer. Get some whatever. Start celebrating. We’re the Stanley Cup champions.”

Ovechkin created a one-man flash mob by showing up with the Stanley Cup at Georgetown.


He took off his top and made water angels at the Washington Harbour waterfront.


He’s been sleeping with the cup.


To top it all off, after throwing out the first pitch at a Washington Nationals game, Ovechkin even did a keg stand out of the Stanley Cup in a half-buttoned Nationals jersey.


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