This Table Tennis Virtuoso Can Win Using Any Item As A Paddle

Using a variety of instruments and household items, he demonstrates laser-like accuracy.

Table tennis is a fairly simple game, so the opportunity to get “wild” with variations requires a fair amount of imagination. Fortunately, the YouTube channel Takkyuu Geinin, has found no shortage of ways to liven up the basement game for his online audience. Most recently, a Dec.13 video focused on creating sounds from household and musical items in order to make fun sounds aside from the normal “ping” and “pong” that has given the game its nickname.

Armed with an array of music-making devices, along with a frying pan, the star makes clear that the music he makes doesn’t come at the expense of accuracy. Even using a tiny drumstick, he’s still able to take down a pin located in the far corner of the table. Granted, there would be more music if someone was on the other side of the table returning these shots, but that simply serves as a testament to the fact that few can touch the shots that are put into play here.

The former Vine star has made his way to YouTube, and one needn’t be a student of the game to enjoy his goofy-yet-talented approach.

Turning a one-sided table tennis demonstration into a spectator event is no easy task, but with enough skill and absurdity, this YouTube channel proves it’s possible.