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Shovels, Cups, And Frying Pans Are Fair Game In Absurd Ping Pong Trick Shot Video

If you can dream it, these guys can turn it into a goofy ping-pong shot.

Ping pong isn’t exactly a big business sport here in the United States, but trick shot collective Pongfinity has cultivated a big following by creating art out of funny and bizarre trick shots that that seem to play with the law of physics like a kid with a yo-yo. In celebration of the their Instagram account hitting 100,000 followers, Pongfinity released a sort of “greatest hits” package on YouTube that takes table tennis away in some crazy and funny new directions thanks to props like frying bans, soda bottles, eggs, and a big ole’ shovel.

Take a look at the video, which gets right down to business immediately:

The Pongfinity guys are a Finnish trick shot team that pride themselves on a blend of creativity and skill (no argument after seeing that video). They’re active and popular on Twitter, Facebook, the aforementioned Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat (pongfinity), so add “social media gurus” to their skill set as well. No matter your platform of choice, Pongfinity will find you.

Perhaps the most shining example of their absurd approach can be found in the wonderfully goofy “Ping Pong vs. Hydraulic Press” video. Epitomizing the old “apples and oranges” adage, the stunts therein determine, in various instances, which is the better tool for the job: a flying ping pong ball or a hydraulic press.

I can’t imagine a situation in which a person would be considering one or the other’s nice they’ve done the homework for us.

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