Titans Player Unveils Large Tattoo Honoring Barack And Michelle Obama

“​What greater role models than the Obamas?"

At training camp this week, Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews unveiled a large tattoo portrait of former President and first lady Barack and Michelle Obama inked on his leg.

Speaking to The Tennessean, Matthews explained his decision. "The first president I voted for, first black president, first black first lady. Myself being African American, they're obviously great role models and they let the black community and minorities, in general, know that the sky is the limit if you put your mind to it,” Matthews said.

The second-year player from Santa Ana, California, continued, “My kids are minorities, and we need more minority role models in the upper areas in this nation and world in general, and what greater role models than the Obamas?"

While tattoos in pro sports are nothing new, few athletes have used body art to so candidly honor a domestic contemporary political figure. Rapper The Game made headlines by getting Obama’s likeness inked on his stomach, which leads us to wonder: Does any president rival Obama when it comes to their prevalence in body art? The census doesn’t track such things, but given that Obama’s presidency has coincided with the tattoo trend, it can’t even be close, can it?