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Driver starts YouTube cooking channel in his truck and fulfills lifelong dream of buying a home

The driver said his son inspired him to post cooking videos that are gaining so much popularity on YouTube.

Driver starts YouTube cooking channel in his truck and fulfills lifelong dream of buying a home
Cover Image Source: YouTube | rrajeshvlogs

Rajesh Rawani, a truck driver, really showed that when you're determined, you can make anything happen. He started filming food vlogs and posting them on YouTube and before long, his hard work paid off. He managed to create a great life for himself and his family, all from the ground up. He's a true rags-to-riches story.


Rawani has been driving trucks for nearly 30 years, but since April 2021, he has added another title to his work status - “YouTuber.” Shortly after he created his YouTube channel, he gained popularity and became a celebrity vlogger. He has over 1.47 million subscribers on his YouTube channel (RRajeshVlogs). Even on Instagram, his videos have millions of views.

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As he traverses in his bulky truck, passing through highways and countryside, he showcases his passion for cooking in his mobile kitchen. The kitchen brims with simmering pots and pans, as he cooks a variety of Indian dishes.


His vlogs also include glimpses of his interactions with roadway police officials, scenes of roadside incidents, and some unusual sights captured during his truck journeys. Recently, he fulfilled his long-held dream of buying his own house. “I have always lived in a rented house in Ramgarh. My father too lived in a rented house. I managed to buy a house because of their love and support,” he told Indian Express. Behind his viral success is his family’s unshakeable support, Rawani said. “It couldn’t have been possible without my family’s support and help. I am moving in with my family into the new house after three months,” he proclaimed.


Born in Jharkhand’s Jamtara district, Rawani took the job of truck driving after his father’s death. He recalled that he had to stay away from his family even during festivals. “My life started transforming when YouTube came into my life. I used to make videos while traveling and my children would upload them on YouTube,” he added.


In an interview with The Sports Grail, the YouTube star revealed that his two sons, Sagar and Shubham, inspired him to start a YouTube channel. Sagar, who accompanies him on his truck road trips, does the editing and filming of the videos which have now become an important source of income for the family. 

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