Japanese Researcher’s Work Shows How Thoughts Change the Structure of Water

Masaru Emoto shows the profound effect of positive and negative thoughts on water.

The late Japanese researcher and author Masaru Emoto was known for his work illustrating how our thoughts and intentions positively or negatively effect the molecular structure of water.

Considering that both the planet and our bodies are 60% water, Emoto’s work is groundbreaking in terms of our personal and global consciousness.

Take a look:

In this video, Emoto exposed frozen water droplets to spoken words, music, pictures, and videos, and then noted their reactions under a microscope. Positive phrases such as “gratitude,” “thank you,” and even beautiful classical music profoundly shaped the molecules into magnificent and symmetrical patterns. On the other hand, negative influences like “anger,” “Adolf Hitler,” and heavy metal music turned the molecules into a mangled and fragmented mess.

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