“Primitive Technology” is the Best Thing on YouTube

What this guy makes with his bare hands is remarkable.

About a month ago, a new channel “Primitive Technology” popped up on YouTube. And it’s the best. As the creator notes, the videos on this channel are about “making primitive huts and tools from scratch using only natural materials in the wild.” The videos are without narration and the results are striking. It’s the kind of stuff that puts Bear Grylls to shame. Watch below as this guy, who I can only assume could woo away anybody’s girlfriend if he so desired, builds an impressive shelter. The videos are satisfyingly relaxing to watch and provide a glimpse into what the creative life may have been for our distant ancestors.

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via Michael Belanger / Flickr

The head of the 1,100-member Federal Judges Association on Monday called an emergency meeting amid concerns over President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr's use of the power of the Justice Department for political purposes, such as protecting a long-time friend and confidant of the president.

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via United for Respect / Twitter

Walmart workers issued a "wake up call" to Alice Walton, an heir to the retailer's $500 billion fortune, in New York on Tuesday by marching to Walton's penthouse and demanding her company pay its 1.5 million workers a living wage and give them reliable, stable work schedules.

The protest was partially a response to the company's so-called "Great Workplace" restructuring initiative which Walmart began testing last year and plans to roll out in at least 1,100 of its 5,300 U.S. stores by the end of 2020.

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via Rdd dit / YouTube

Two people had the nerve to laugh and smirk at a DUI murder sentencing in Judge Qiana Lillard's courtroom and she took swift action.

Lillard heard giggles coming from the family of Amanda Kosal, 25, who admitted to being drunk when she slammed into an SUV, killing Jerome Zirker, 31, and severely injuring his fiance, Brittany Johnson, 31.

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