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Woman dealing with heartbreak shares how barista made her day with wholesome message on coffee cup

Lisa had just broken up with her boyfriend and was in desperate need of a lift when she walked into the cafe.

Woman dealing with heartbreak shares how barista made her day with wholesome message on coffee cup
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Lisa Bert

It's quite hard to describe what heartbreak feels like unless you've experienced it. Lisa Bert certainly knew what it felt like and she badly needed a break. Sometimes even something as small as a bar of chocolate, or coffee can lift your spirits. Not to mention, coffee also helps the body restore its dosage of dopamine. Lisa Bert headed straight to Starbucks. But it was not the coffee that healed her, it was the barista who served her the coffee. The Barista at Starbucks extended a heartwarming gesture that helped Lisa as she tended to her broken heart. Lisa shared a picture of the barista along with a sweet caption that read: “I broke up with my boyfriend, walked in, told her to just make me something sweet. She didn't even charge me for it. Thank you for making my day better.” She then added heart emojis and wrote: “I also got a Cakepop!” The picture in the post shows a Starbucks barista with a mask around her face and a green apron slung on her shoulders, with a coffee can in front of her. On the coffee can are dozens of doodled hearts and a message scribbled over with a sharpie, “Feel better. You are loved.”


Some of the comments on the post revealed that the barista’s name was Paige Kunst. She wrote beneath the post, “Hi, this is me!” She then added, “She asked to take a picture after I gave her her drink and a cakepop for free. She was super sweet and visibly upset so I chatted with her for a bit. She was the only one in line so I didn’t mind.” She also said in the comments that she made Lisa a peach white tea with vanilla and cream. Shane commented, “Starbucks must be more a support system for the weak, than it is a quality coffeehouse.” Astrid Von Bullerbu recalled her own heartbreak experience, “I was given a paper tissue by a complete stranger, and a look that said, everything will be okay. This tiny gesture was just so heartwarming at a time when I was more than just lost. There are many good humans out there who can not make everything okay, but who may be able to spark some light”



Lisa, a mom of two, wrote on her Facebook page that she loves coffee. Lisa also shared how a Starbucks beverage not only helped her heal from heartbreak but also helped her to promote milk supply for her breastfeeding requirements, “I’m a mom to a 5-week-old baby boy. I breastfeed but I’m an undersupplier. I did get my first ever cup at Starbucks and this drink I made, favors the pink drink, a lot and helps to up my milk supply. Coconut water, white cran-strawberry, oatmilk. Just mix to your liking and enjoy!”


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