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72-year-old shares 32 important life lessons he's learned along the way and people are taking notes

From lifelong learning to the true meaning of productivity, a Reddit user called Louie shared tips that might really help people.

72-year-old shares 32 important life lessons he's learned along the way and people are taking notes
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay; Reddit | u/DaCmanLou

It's a common saying that "experience is the best teacher." Louis Bernstein knows it very well, and that's why he has shared 32 tips that he's learned throughout his life, believing these life lessons can help other people. On his 72nd birthday, he shared a detailed post in which he listed important life hacks he has learned and urged people to "add something you know to be true." His post read: "If you're lucky enough to get up to my age, the view becomes more clear. It may seem like nothing good is happening to you, or just the opposite. Both will probably change over time. I'm still working (fractionally), and posting here, because business and people are my mojo. I hope you find yours." 

The tips are as follows:

1. It’s usually better to be nice than right.

2. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. 

3. Work on a passion project, even just 30 minutes a day. It compounds.

4. Become a lifelong learner (best tip).

5. Working from 7 am to 7 pm isn’t productive. It’s guilt.

6. To be really successful, become useful.


7. Like houses in need of repair, problems usually don’t fix themselves.

8. Envy is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die.

9. Don’t hold onto your “great idea” until it’s too late.

10. People aren’t thinking about you as much as you think. 

11. Being grateful is a cheat sheet for happiness. (Especially today.)

12. Write your life plan with a pencil that has an eraser. 


13. Choose your own path or someone will choose it for you.

14. Never say, I’ll never….

15. Not all advice is created equal.

16. Be the first one to smile.

17. The expense of something special is forgotten quickly. The experience lasts a lifetime. Do it.

18. Don’t say something to yourself that you wouldn’t say to someone else. 


19. It’s not how much money you make. It’s how much you take home.

20. Feeling good is better than that “third” slice of pizza.

21. Who you become is more important than what you accomplish. 

22. Nobody gets to their deathbed and says, "I’m sorry for trying so many things."

23. There are always going to be obstacles in your life. Especially if you go after big things.

24. The emptiest head rattles the loudest.

25. If you don’t let some things go, they eat you alive.

26. Try to spend 12 minutes a day in quiet reflection, meditation, or prayer.

27. Try new things. If it doesn’t work out, stop. At least you tried.

28. Never criticize, blame, or complain. 

29. You can’t control everything. Focus on what you can control.

30. If you think you have it tough, look around.

31. It's only over when you say it is.

32. One hand washes the other and together they get clean. Help someone else.

People were grateful for the tips and in the comments section, they shared their own experiences. A Reddit user wrote, "I'm 60. And I would only add two things to this list. 1 - Learn to control your expectations. Misplaced expectations cause more problems than people think. 2 - Learn to control your emotions. If you don't, someone else always will. Thank you, Lou. Your effort on this list is a thing of beauty." Another user. u/Vibingcarefully. wrote, "Life-long learning - few use their brains daily to look up a new word, examine something, tinker with a pad and pencil at math. I tell people to read a book daily - this internet world really has changed people. My basics - take a walk daily - 30 minutes, read something daily, eat healthy, write in a journal, be kind."

Image Source: Reddit | u/r0dica
Image Source: Reddit | u/r0dica
Image Source: Reddit | u/Scribbler-101
Image Source: Reddit | u/Scribbler-101

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