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Research shows that people who use emojis have more sex

Emoji-users are more likely to go second dates, be kissed and have sex.

Research shows that people who use emojis have more sex
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While news out of Washington shows that the U.S. may be headed for an economic recession, its been mired in an even more depressing downturn over the past few years: The Great American Sex Drought.

Sorry, Millennials, but you share the majority of the blame.

In 2018, the number of Americans who said they didn't have sex for an entire year was the highest it's ever been, and from 2008 to 2018, the number of Americans between ages 18 and 29 who reported having no sex doubled.

There are many reasons why people aren't getting it on like they used to, one biggie is the availability of online entertainment. Back in the '70s when you only had three TV channels, if nothing was on, you got it on.

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But now, it seems more people want to Netflix and chill rather than get drunk and smash.

For those of us who haven't exchanged our sex lives for binge watching "Stranger Things," a new study shows how you can increase your chances of scoring: use emjois.

Researchers at The Kinsey Institute surveyed over 5,000 participants and found that people who use emjois in online conversation go on more first dates and have more sex.

The study didn't find a correlation between using emojis and getting more first dates, but emoji-users are more likely to go second dates, be kissed on dates, and have sex.

"We find that the use of emojis allows daters to communicate important affective information to potential partners which facilitates successful intimate connection and more romantic and sexual opportunities," the study said.

"This suggests that those who use emojis more often in this context are more successful at establishing connection and thus enjoy more opportunities for romantic and sexual engagement."

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Unfortunately, the study did not show which emojis are most successful at getting someone laid.

"We cannot fully know which emojis are most effective at helping to form connections between people," admitted the study.

However, its safe to assume that if you're looking for sex, using the the eggplant and taco emojis are a great place to start.

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