• Why Capitalism Matters Over at Open Democracy, author John Porritt discusses his book about why capitalism matters and how it can create radical positive change in the world. And a few other authors and thinkers and activists offer their take on the effect of capitalism and capital on those trying to advocate change..
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  • We Destroyed This Auto Industry In Order To Save It Time Magazine gives the full treatment to Ford C.E.O. Bill Ford. Ford continues to impress by trumpeting the necessity for a more energy-conscious auto industry. In a bout of incredibly poor timing, this profile, entitled "Can This Man Save the Auto Industry" hits the web the same day Ford announces..
  • Acting And Reacting Today, West Virginia passed new mine safety laws, in response to the Sago Mine disaster. Miners will be forced to wear wireless devices so they can be located, and a boatload of other safety reforms will be enacted. There are also emergency hearings being held in Congress, and more laws, one would imagine,..
  • There Is Power In A Union
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  • The Car Buying Public: Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde In keeping with everything else we know about the American public, Green Car Congress notes that Americans are buying more hybrids than ever. They are also buying more gas guzzlers than ever. And Detroit, as smart businesses are wont to do, is pandering to both markets. The only way to get cleaner cars..
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  • How Many Inuit Words Are There For Balmy Day? This may be old news to some, but the Inuit (who have 200 words for snow, but are having to come up with new ones as their climate changes, are suing the federal government for ruining their land by making it really hot. A half-melted igloo really affects your quality of life. Read more here..
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