Would You Like To Add Some Cannabis Water To Your Workout Routine?

Giving joint recovery all new meaning

It’s pretty difficult to reconcile the use of marijuana with a high-performance workout, but with the strides made by medical marijuana, it’s safe to say that people are looking at weed with a far more open mind than ever before.

But even the most open-minded person might be scratching their head at the notion of guzzling some marijuana-infused water before CrossFit or lifting. Nonetheless, the folks at Puration are working to convince us that their “cannabis water,” named EVERX CBD Infused Water is “The Premiere CBD Sports Beverage.”

Which...yeah. I suppose they can make that claim since we’re just learning about the entire industry with the announcement of their product.

Here’s their branding, which, considering it’s a sports drink, is devoid of weed leaves, tie-dye, or any spiritual imagery that you might expect from guys making weed water.


Before you get too excited about a low-key way to consume marijuana (while looking like an athlete, no less!), you should probably know that as the name suggests, CBD water doesn’t have any THC, the psychoactive ingredient in weed. So in all likelihood, you’ll be paying a hefty price to drink weed water that, thanks to CBD, may help with anxiety, inflammation, and pain, but whether it will do so better than any manner of consumption is completely unknown.

Still, the ability of CBD products to help mitigate a host of issues and symptoms is compelling enough that we can see why Puration would want to take steps towards marketing away from the “stoner” crowd, but it still might take a while for the sports world to catch up with their way of thinking.