This Comic Will Leave You In Tears If You Love Your Pet

You’ll want to have some tissues handy

Image via Pixabay

While this isn’t the first time the comic has resurfaced on the internet—it was first published in 2014—it is still making a big impact on readers.

In an email interview conducted by Upworthy recently, the comic’s creator Mark Glavin explained why it has so much resonance with readers worldwide.

"It seems every 6-8 [months] it comes back to life and finds new readers," Glavin wrote to Upworthy . "What never ceases to amaze me is the comments people post when they see it. Some are recalling memories, some are heartbreaking. A lot address their pet directly, 'I miss you...' and such."

This emotional comic by Ubertool depicts the final goodbye between a dog owner and his best friend. The dog is thanking his owner for a great life just before he is put down at the vet.

In an interview last summer, Glavin told Buzzfeed that the original inspiration for the comic came from a post on Reddit. The post was a note from a vet telling the owner of his late dog that he had given it a good life. The note of comfort inspired Glavin to draw the comic.

Get your tissues ready and check it out below.