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Man's seemingly obvious “dishwasher hack" is blowing everyone's minds.

One man’s observation about his dishwasher may change the way you do dishes forever.

Man's seemingly obvious “dishwasher hack" is blowing everyone's minds.
A dishwasher secret hack. | via Mike McLoughlin on Twitter.

No one likes doing the dishes, but the tedious chore is made much easier when using a dishwasher. However, an alarming amount of people have reported that their dishwashers can actually make the job harder because they don't properly fit their dishes.

And that’s where Twitter user Mike McLoughlin (@zuroph) comes in.

Back in January, McLoughlin made an observation about his dishwasher that would change the way he does dishes forever. For a decade, the Irishman thought that the bottom rack of his washer simply was too small for his large dinner plates. Then he made an amazing discovery:

The tweet went totally viral, and was shared over 14,000 times. He even tweeted a picture to show just how much he could fit in the dishwasher now that he knows the racks are adjustable:

The “hack” (is it still called a hack if the appliance is doing what it is supposed to be doing?) blew people's minds:

But other people were basically like, “seriously, dude?”

While a group of others tried to one-up McLoughlin with stories of their own:

@zuroph @limertilly This is a bit how I felt when I discovered protective film on my fridge, five years after I got it.

— Mme Decadent Sneezy-Bottom ?? (@Mme Decadent Sneezy-Bottom ??) 1517061649

Okay, go on and check your own dishwasher. You know you want to.

This article originally appeared on 08.16.18

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