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Cab driver shares inclusive 'Rider Menu' so people can decide the kind of conversation they want to have

A cab driver has devised a one-of-a-kind scheme to ensure nice rides for his passengers and it's amazing.

Cab driver shares inclusive 'Rider Menu' so people can decide the kind of conversation they want to have
Representative Cover Image Source - Pexels I Vincent M.A. Janssen

A cab ride experience can range from peaceful and soothing to chatty and, in some cases, annoying. Passengers don't have much say in this, but a cab driver has come up with a brilliant plan to ensure pleasant rides for people who get in his taxi. His initiative grabbed the attention of the internet when a woman, who goes by Tori (@OhJeeToriG) on X, posted a picture of a leaflet that she found in that cab. When she picked it up, she was immediately greeted with a list of options that promised anything but a typical taxi ride.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ono Kosuki
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ono Kosuki

The post was captioned, "My Uber driver had a menu!" Underneath the caption, the woman posted a clear image of the leaflet, which states that the cab driver has devised a 'one-of-kind' scheme for his passengers to decide the type of conversation they prefer during their journey.

The cab driver mentioned a few pointers to his passengers throughout his menu as the first half of it read, "Your safety is my number one priority. Please wear your seatbelt. I have a charger adapter for any kind of phone if you are running low on battery power. Thanks for riding electric!"



However, the most interesting part was the types of rides that were offered to that passenger. As she was going through the menu, she stumbled upon certain categories of rides that a customer could choose from. They were nine in total. Some of the most eye-catching and innovative options were "The Deep Questions Ride" and "The Restaurant Ride." The former was about skipping the small talk and getting right to the big meaning of life, the existence of a higher power, and our role in the universe whereas the latter focused on providing recommendations about some favorite restaurants and helping decide where to eat.


Besides the eatery and deep talks ride, there was another ride on offer that focused only on French customers. The option read, "Nous parlons en français pour la durée de notre balade," which translates to, "We speak in French for the duration of our drive."


X users were completely impressed by the "rider menu." The comments in the post were filled with praises for the cab driver, with many applauding the driver for his innovative menu. One user (@f4st1ng) asked the woman whether she tipped the driver or not. Here's what she replied:

Image Source - X(Twitter) 
Top : @f4st1ng
Down : @OhJeeToriG
Image Source - X(Twitter) Top : @f4st1ng Down : @OhJeeToriG

These creative taxi rides can often help passengers overcome awkwardness that tends to prevail during the duration of a ride. Call it an icebreaker or even a smart conversation starter, this will go down as one of the most unique experiences during a commute in a cab.

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