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Disabled cellist leaves an entire airport in awe as she performs alongside pianist

The entire aiport fell silent as 17-year-old Valentina was wheeled to the pianist and she picked up her cello.

Disabled cellist leaves an entire airport in awe as she performs alongside pianist
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/RevolutionaryTell668

It’s so nice to think that someone in some corner of the world is doing something heartwarming and inspiring. The story of a disabled cellist who moved an entire airport full of people with her performance is a paradigm of this. In a video posted on Reddit by u/RevolutionaryTell668, we see a girl in a wheelchair come up to a pianist getting ready to perform at the airport and ask him if he would like to play something together. He agrees and asks her what instrument she likes to play. She replies cello. They get ready to perform as the pianist, the cellist and her teacher take their positions on the podium to play.

Image Source: Reddit | r/MadeMeSmile
Image Source: Reddit | u/RevolutionaryTell668

The girl was super excited and as they started playing, the entire airport became silent. People gathered around and started recording as the cellist played side-by-side with her teacher. The moment was truly moving and the music was absolutely beautiful. People got emotional while listening to the music and watching the performance. Valentina, the cellist, is only 17 years old and has a rare muscle disease. Even the pianist had goosebumps listening to her play. She later told him, “Music is my medicine.” The lucky people at the airport got to feel the power of the girl’s music. By the end of the video, the girl’s cello teacher looked really happy as well. It was a truly inspiring moment.

Image Source: Reddit | r/MadeMeSmile
Image Source: Reddit | u/RevolutionaryTell668

The sheer number of people who gathered to witness the performance was spectacular. Even through the screen, you could feel the strong and calming vibes of the place. The people in the comments felt it too. Witnessing such events is also like witnessing humanity at its finest. People also applauded music’s ability to transcend all boundaries and heal people. Reddit users also kept praising the teacher, who made it possible for everyone to witness the girl’s talent. People’s response to the tearjerking video was overwhelming as well.

Image Source: Reddit | u/J3sT3R1252
Image Source: Reddit | u/J3sT3R1252


Image Source: Reddit | theRemockening
Image Source: Reddit | u/theRemockening

u/Karen_Morrison commented, “This video is truly inspiring! The talent and determination of this disabled cellist shine through in their moving performance. It's a powerful reminder that music has the ability to transcend physical limitations and touch the hearts of people around the world.” u/Irisgrower2 wrote praising the cello teacher, “My hat goes off to the aid who not only is assisting the young lady through an airport but is also toting two cellos along with them.” u/ShroomyGorilla47 wrote, “Amazing. Music and vibrations have a crazy impact on humans and living things in general. Even on the brain and how it thinks or feels. Which can impact your physical health.” u/MadvilleWonderland agreed to their comment and shared a story on music, “I agree—your comment immediately made me think of the video of a woman playing an instrument outside that attracted a deer to get closer and closer to the musician while she played. That deer was mesmerized by the music, and its curiosity overcame its caution.” Truly, the power of both music and the girl’s dedication is incredible.

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