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Doctor reveals surprisingly easy 'skin pinch’ test can detect if you’re dehydrated

So, did you try this hack yet?

Doctor reveals surprisingly easy 'skin pinch’ test can detect if you’re dehydrated
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Towfiqu barbhuiya

Social media is flooded with life hack videos. While some are genuinely useful, many are myths that experts don't recommend. Dr. Karan Raj (@dr.karanr) on TikTok is known for his scientific videos that reveal useful hacks and debunk myths. In a recent clip, he reviews a quick hack to potentially detect dehydration, originally shared by @remus.bujor.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Adrienn
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Adrienn


The video begins with the original clip, where the overlay text reads, "Dehydration check," and the camera focuses on four fingers. The person pinches the skin on his middle finger and explains, "You have to squeeze your fingertip right here, and if it goes back down, you’re hydrated. If it stays up, then you are dehydrated."

With the floating caption, "Doctor reviews: Is this real?" Dr. Karan Raj stitches the video to explain the concept. He says, "This is known as a ‘skin pinch’ or 'skin turgor' test." Showcasing a visual of a pinched finger that looks relaxed, he adds, "The more hydrated you are, the more elastic your skin will be and it will bounce back immediately after pinching it."

In the next transition of the clip, the doctor shows us another picture of the finger which looks slightly wrinkled, as he explains, "If you’re dehydrated, the skin loses elasticity and it takes a while to return to normal and is more likely to tent up." This method highlights the significance of drinking water and at the same time, acts as a neat trick to check the hydration levels in our respective bodies.

Hydration is vital for the basic functioning of our bodies, whether in high or low temperatures. While we have always heard that everyone should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, that's not true. According to Harvard Health Publishing, fluid needs vary among individuals and there's no one-size-fits-all quantity. The publication also states that many of us aren't drinking enough water, especially older adults and it can lead to dehydration. This is where this hack can be helpful- just a pinch can help in knowing whether our body needs more water. 

The TikTok uploaded by Raj has raked in over 13.6 million views and over a million likes. While many found the hack useful, others were still doubtful about it. Some users took to the comment section to raise their doubts. @pamcoulter1 commented, "This is true I thought it was an old wife's tale. My gran told me this years ago." Another user, @yorkietalesuk, commented, "But are you meant to do it on your knuckles though? Never heard of doing it there, but back of hand, sure."

Image Source: TikTok I @dabbleology
Image Source: TikTok I @dabbleology
Image Source: TikTok I @maddie.hiness

You can follow Dr. Karan Raj (@dr.karanr) on TikTok for more health-related tips and tricks.

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