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Football player's beautiful tribute to his hardworking mom is winning hearts on the internet

Terrion Arnold said his mom had to overcome a lot of obstacles to raise him and credited her for raising him.

Football player's beautiful tribute to his hardworking mom is winning hearts on the internet
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Terrion Arnold has become one of the hottest prospects in the NFL after the Alabama cornerback had an excellent showing at the NFL Scouting Combine. The 20-year-old, however, has gone viral online for speaking about his mom and her contribution to his life. In a brief interview on the sidelines of the NFL Combine, the talented cornerback took a moment to credit his mother for raising him.

Cover Image Source - Getty Images I Photo by Todd Rosenberg
Getty Images I Photo by Todd Rosenberg


In the brief clip uploaded by NFL, Arnold emphasizes the role his mother played in his life and career. He starts by saying that he is extremely proud of his mother and for her efforts in raising him. The youngster goes on to narrate how his mother overcame a lot of obstacles, having given birth to him at a young age. She had to raise him as a single mother. Arnold also focuses on the fact that his mother was strong enough not to let any criticism get the better of her and, at the same time, thanked her for facing all adversities head-on.

The 20-year-old, with a smile in his voice, asked the cameraman to zoom in on him and then continued to express his affection for his mom, calling her by her full name, "Tamala Arnold." The youngster also stressed that he is blessed to have her by his side and will always be grateful for her contribution to his life. In an adorable shoutout to his mom, he said, "I'm gonna continue to keep shining, just how you raised me to be."



Besides his mom, he also gave a brief shoutout to his family back home. Terrion Arnold has grabbed a lot of attention and has bagged in praise from NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah who appreciated the overall energy of the youngster and expressed it via a tweet saying :



 Arnold's heartfelt shoutout to his mom went viral on social media and had a lot of fans and followers appreciating the athlete for showing gratitude to his mom. "This is how you make your mama proud, what a heck of a young man to take that time to showcase his mother instead of himself!" wrote one user. Another Twitter user commented, "Young man....your character is huge, I attribute that to your mom. She raised a great dude, from what I've seen. Your character will make your draft stock soar. God bless you and your mom." Terrion Arnold's acknowledgment of his mother is a vital reminder to appreciate all the unsung heroes who support and encourage us on our journey through life. 

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