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Kid shows adorable 'scientific proof' that she loves her mom more and it's 'incredibly impressive'

People who saw the wholesome post said that the little girl presented 'an amazingly strong argument'

Kid shows adorable 'scientific proof' that she loves her mom more and it's 'incredibly impressive'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Brett Sayles; X | @aussiastronomer

Children’s imaginations are boundless. They can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with their curiosity and million-dollar ideas. For instance, an 8-year-old girl prepared "scientific proof" on paper that she loved her mom more than her mom loved her. And, she indeed won the argument with her brilliant points. 

Representative Image Souce: Pexels | august de richelieu
Representative Image Souce: Pexels | august de richelieu

A screenshot of the proof was uploaded by her mom Dr. Jessie Christiansen (@aussiastronomer) on X. Dr. Jessie, from California, is a NASA planet hunter and a research scientist at the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute based at Caltech. As much as she is scientific and mathematical by nature, so seems to be her daughter.

Representative Image Souce: Pexels | gabby k
Representative Image Souce: Pexels | gabby k

“My daughter’s ‘scientific proof’ that she loves me more than I love her (an ongoing debate between us) is that my heart is full of other experiences whereas hers is less so, so there’s more room for love for me. I’m actually kind of impressed,” Dr. Jessie captioned the post, which has attracted more than 226k views and has won the hearts of thousands of people. The strip of paper shows a title in red pen, “Proof.” Beneath the heading are drawings of two hearts. One is a large-sized heart while the other one is slightly smaller. The larger heart is titled “Your heart” and the small one is “My heart.” The hearts are crisscrossed into sections and units, one of which she labeled “experiences.”

Representative Image Souce: Pexels | karoline grabowska
Representative Image Souce: Pexels | Karoline Grabowska

The section of experiences in the daughter’s heart occupies smaller space, leaving larger space for “Daddy” and “Mommy" sections, whereas in the mother’s heart, the experiences section is larger, and hence a little space is left for the section representing the daughter. Along the doodle of her heart, the girl writes “way less experiences.” 


Her proof was based on the fact that since her mother had more life experiences than she had, her heart’s space was fuller than the little one's, and so, there was more space for her mom in her heart than there was for her in her mom’s heart. People were pretty impressed by the points put forward by the little girl.


@darksapiens pointed out hilariously that she didn’t make sections in her heart for her siblings, to which Dr. Jessie replied that she was very nonchalant about it.


Many people said that the little girl displayed QED. QED is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase “quod erat demonstrandum,” which means “which was to be demonstrated.” @etvaldez commented, “She explained Einstein’s 1905 Theory of Relativity of Simultaneity, where two events, one loving another, though simultaneous, can occur differently based on the place in time of the observer (daughter). And she showed her work.”


On the other side, talking from a parent’s perspective, @nialfinegan said, “Love it. I think our kids will never truly know how much we love them until they have their own.” @guillermorein added, “Impressive and loving. To our kids, when they ask which one we love more, I tell them that infinity plus one is the same as infinity plus two.”


"Holy Molly. That's quite an amazingly strong argument!" commented @DamiMasMenos and @janehhodgkinson added: "Wow - she's got a point (unless love is in a virtual ever-expanding 'external hard drive' somewhere) that's got me thinking." 

Reflecting on the relationship of a mother and a daughter, Jade Hanley of IMAGE magazine states that “mothers and daughters report deeper emotions, positive and negative, in their intergenerational relationships than fathers and sons.” Dr. Jessie's daughter seems to be following her footpath, even surpassing the mother with her penchant for exploration. In another X post, for example, Dr. Jessie shared another paper on which her daughter had crafted a complex-looking topological map, reading labels such as “Power Pyramid,” “Invisible energy,” “Wood,” and “Buttons.” Later on, she revealed that her daughter brought the complicated map to life with a full-fledged LEGO structure. Like mother, like daughter!


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