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That Creepy Beyoncé Wax Statue Has Been (Slightly) Improved Following Widespread Criticism

This wasn’t even the worst Beyoncé wax figure out there.

Many of us don’t know how difficult it is to make an accurate wax statue, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spot a bad one when we see it. When Madame Tussauds unveiled its anticipated Beyoncé statue, the prevailing reaction was tantamount to “Uh…?”

Few aspects of the work screamed “Beyoncé.” From the eyes to the hair to the legs, people were more than a little disappointed in the wax likeness. Her skin tone was also the subject of debate, but with so many flaws in the statue, there was no reason to believe her lighter skin was anything more than another mistake.

With the public feedback nothing short of deafening, the wax museum took their newest addition off the shelf shortly thereafter for a tune-up.

Is it an improvement? Yes, but a minor one.

Of course, wax figures have a long history of missing the mark when it comes to recreating their subjects’ likenesses, so this Beyoncé figure is hardly an outlier. In fact, it’s not even the worst Beyoncé wax statue out there.

That “honor” belongs to this statue in the bottom right of this tweet, which appears to be the grown love child of Gwyneth Paltrow and Tyra Banks:

Rest assured that we do, in fact, have the technology and capability of making a better Beyoncé wax figure than Madame Tussauds was able to create in two attempts. In fact, the museum probably should have just purchased a replica of this spot-on piece:

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