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The Front-Runner For This Year's ‘Tackiest Halloween Costume’ Incorporates Two Different Types Of Bad Taste

It’s not surprising that this is making the rounds, but that doesn’t make it OK.

With October almost upon the Halloween-happy masses, millions soon will be brainstorming the topic of clever, relevant costumes to show off at parties nationwide.

Meanwhile, retailers and manufacturers have been presuming where popular tastes will lie, often by simply offering “sexy ____” with seemingly every profession in the world eligible to receive a painfully unnecessary makeover.

It’s not clear yet what the popular costumes will be this year, but we can only pray that none of us encounter one company’s marriage of “risque” and “relevant” in a “Sexy Border Patrol Agent” costume.

Spicy Lingerie is offering that very character in an attempt to scream “sultry fun” while reminding us that recent executive orders have worked toward tearing families and lives apart with xenophobic policies that are themselves dressed up in the guise of national security concerns.

Image via Spicy Lingerie.

The seller of this tasteless getup is not the only company looking to capitalize on national and personal crises to make a buck. Spirit Halloween stores, a national chain, is also selling a distinct yet equally tasteless “Border Babe” outfit, which at the time of writing appears to be sold out on its website.

Spirit Halloween is also offering, per a Gothamist examination of their stores, a more conventional but equally offensive Border Patrol outfit, located in many stores next to Trump masks.

Halloween has never been considered the bastion of tastefulness, but people learning of the costumes’ existence are quickly drawing a line between innocuous political lampooning and the heartless approach to a very real social issue.

It’s unlikely that internet fury will do much to dissuade consumers who find these costumes appropriate, but that doesn’t mean more compassionate individuals can’t let their opinions be known if they happen to encounter border patrol agents, sexy or otherwise, at Halloween parties this year.

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