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Cards Against Humanity Mocks Sexist Marketing Tactics With A Special 'For Her' Edition

It’s just as offensive as you’d think.

Cards Against Humanity is once again trolling, well, pretty much everyone with a new iteration of the famed party game aimed squarely at women.

Clad in an electric pink box with the sassy tag “For Her,” the new packaging will set customers back an extra $5 for no particular reason.

The company offered in a tongue-in-cheek press release:

"We decided that hey, it’s 2017, it’s time for women to have a spot at the table, and nevertheless, she persisted. That’s why we made Cards Against Humanity: For Her. It’s trendy, stylish, and easy to understand. And it’s pink.”

Image by Cards Against Humanity.

Most people familiar with the gamemaker, which has previously sold people $6 boxes of poop and even “absolutely nothing” on Black Friday for $5, will recognize the company’s brand of satire in this latest gimmick. But for those who don’t, it warrants mentioning that the new “For Her” edition ostensibly takes aim at both condescending marketing practices toward women and also the “Pink Tax,” a commercial practice that sees women paying more for items developed for them.

Cards Against Humanity embraces the concept wholeheartedly in the tweets fired off so far:

Rather than just idly mocking the gender gap and numerous other issues women face globally, Cards Against Humanity is donating all profits from this not-at-all-different-really version to Emily’s List, a political action committee that supports women running as Democratic candidates for office.

The concept they’re lampooning isn’t pleasant, even in this clearly satirical manifestation, but this is the path that Cards Against Humanity has taken in the past. It’s crass and uncomfortable, but it gets people talking, and by their account, they’re not making a dime off this product.

So … yay?

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