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Comedians Are Posting Awkward Throwback Photos To Raise Money For Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims

For every comedian who posts an awkward childhood photo, Stephen Colbert pledges money to disaster relief efforts.

While President Donald Trump may not be adequately addressing the devastation stemming from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, socially conscious citizens and former presidents are taking it upon themselves to use the resources at their disposal to help fund disaster relief efforts.

And operating on a large, visible platform as the host of “Late Night,” Stephen Colbert decided he would donate money to post-Maria recovery efforts every time a celebrity shared a cringeworthy photo from their youth.

For every star who posts a picture using the #PuberMe and #PuertoRicoRelief hashtags, Colbert will donate, via his Americone Dream Fund, $1,000 to One America Appeal’s fundraising effort. Based on the level of participation, Puerto Rican residents will be due quite a bit of monetary aid.

Naturally, Colbert and the guest on his show for the announcement, comedian Nick Kroll, were among the first to post their pics.

Rival talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was quick to get in on the fun for a good cause.

So too was Sarah Silverman.

Fellow comedian John Mulaney contributed an “eyes wide shut” prom picture that he’s very content blaming on the photographer.

Indie filmmaker brothers Jay and Mark Duplass were also quick to make fun of themselves for a good cause.

Since going viral yesterday, many more celebs have put their vanity aside to help raise awareness using the hashtags.

As the photos continue to come in, remember that the purpose (aside from a cheap, hearty laugh) is to raise money for an area that’s been ravaged and, many believe, overlooked by government aid, so consider donating to the cause at

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