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Daredevil Thieves Pulled Off An iPhone Heist That Looks Like Something Out Of A Movie

The daring $690,000 heist looks like something out of an action film.

Normally, the theft of an iPhone is painfully mundane. A slick thief may grab it off the bar while you’re looking the other way, or a pickpocket could lift it out of your purse on a crowded bus. However, when you’re stealing $690,000 worth of iPhones, as these Romanian men attempted, the stakes and planning take on qualities that are nothing short of cinematic.

Recently, five men, ages 33-43, were arrested by Dutch police following a very daring heist of a moving truck’s iPhone inventory. Climbing out of the sunroof of a trailing car, two men accessed the rear doors of the moving truck, passing boxes of the pricey product back to the trailing car before returning to the vehicle and fleeing with the goods.

The Romanian police shared footage of a remarkably similar heist conducted in 2012. In this video, the thieves used an angle grinder to break into the payload of the moving truck.

It’s thought that many of these similar thefts are perpetrated by the same criminal syndicate. The Dutch police investigating the most recent theft will be circulating fingerprints in an attempt to tie the arrested men to other daring daylight robberies.

Action-film buffs may have noted that the criminals likely drew from some very high-profile inspiration for their modus operandi.

Luckily for the owner of the goods, these thieves won’t enjoy a Hollywood ending.

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