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Biden Offers A Heartfelt Plea To Obama’s Former Employees Who Now Work Under Trump

Two words sum up the nation’s need for them to stay the course.

As difficult as it has been for many American citizens to weather the transition from the Obama administration to Donald Trump’s, for those employed by the former president and continuing to hold their positions under Trump, it’s likely been far more taxing.

However, former Vice President Joe Biden revealed that he’s been hard at work convincing those who may be disillusioned or frustrated to stay the course and keep working to make things better.

Or, put more succinctly, Biden tells them to “please stay.”

Biden shared his efforts while making remarks at his alma mater, the University of Delaware. The event was a discussion with Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich on “bridging the political divide” during this turbulent climate.

Biden was also quick to stress that he didn’t believe turmoil or turnover among Trump’s top appointed officials would benefit America. “I don't want to see the chief of staff quit, I don't want to see the secretary of state quit, I don't want to see the secretary of defense quit,” Biden said.

The reasoning behind this sentiment may be clear to millions of Americans. Biden declared that Trump “doesn’t understand governance.” He expanded on that remark, stating, “He comes along and says he is breaking down all the norms. There are certain basic norms and he doesn't understand them, and the ones he understands he tries to break down.”

Those who have made the rocky and unpleasant transition from the Obama administration to Trump’s likely feel similarly, but Biden’s words serve to let them know that their work is still valued and vital, even if that may not be reflected in the president’s behavior or remarks.

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