See Exactly How Much More It Costs To Be A Woman Vs. A Man

We’ve always suspected—now we have proof

It’s a brunch conversation/rant happening among women all around the world, and it goes a little something like this:

“It costs so much more to be a woman! And it’s not fair!”

The lack of fairness? Those stats have always been there: Women have long earned less than men, and that gap isn’t closing fast enough. But the more elusive “fact” was the exact cost of being the average American woman, and how that cost compares to being a man. Now we have those hard numbers—down to the penny.

A new video by Glamour magazine calculated the cost of products typically used by women and men over the course of one year. The result? Women spent a mascara-covered eye-popping $1,924.05. The dudes spent a comparatively modest $713.52. That’s a difference of more than $1,200.

Now. before we get into this whole, “That’s a woman’s choice to waste money like that” and “Plenty of men spend more than women”—OK, yep, you’re right and we can note those exceptions. Still, it’s a staggering difference in cost, no matter how you look at it.