This Picture Of Nike Clothing Has Viewers Rabidly Taking Sides Over What They See

This photo will either have you seeing teal and gray or white and pink.

The Dress

Sure, it’s been a couple years since “The Dress” tore the world into two savage camps based on the colors people perceived, but with the United States in wild disagreement about anything else, why not find some more fabric colors to debate.

This time, it’s some off-the-rack Nike retail gear that has everyone up in arms. This is the post that set the wheels of controversy in motion:

If anything, this post is more controversial than “The Dress” only because it seems people can't even agree on what colors they're seeing themselves.


As you can see, people are, once again, split — although this time, people seem to be a little more zen about the disagreement. Clearly, people are seeing different things, but why get up in arms about what another person can or can’t see?


It’s nice that at least ONE disagreement is staying civil on social media, isn’t it?

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