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How O.J. Simpson Will Profit From His Parole

He won’t have to look for work anytime soon.

O.J. Simpson confers with defense attorney Patricia Palm at an evidentiary hearing in Las Vegas in 2013. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images.

For the past nine years, O.J. Simpson has been in prison at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada for armed robbery and kidnapping. On Thursday, July 20, Simpson has a parole hearing, and he’s likely to be released. “He’s the kind of person who gets paroled,” Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Daniel Hill told The Daily Express. “He has done a significant amount of time and, by all accounts, hasn’t caused any problems.”

If Simpson is granted parole, he will be released Oct. 1 and plans to return to Florida. When he does, he won’t have to look for work anytime soon. According to USA Today, Simpson has a Screen Actors Guild pension in which he invested $5 million years ago. He also gets a monthly pension from the NFL’s Employee Retirement Income Security Act. While Sports Illustrated values the pension at around $25,000 a month, USA Today reports a more modest figure of $1,700.

Simson’s pensions have continued to pay out during his time in prison, so he’ll most likely come home to a flush bank account. As a Florida resident, he’s allowed to receive his pension without having to hand any over to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. In 1997, a civil jury found Simpson liable for their deaths, and he was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages to their families. Although Simpson may come home to money, he does so as a social pariah for his involvement in the deaths of Goldman and Brown.

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