This Sexist GAP Ad Also Has An Ironic Typo

How did they not notice?

via Twitter

Yesterday, UK Twitter-user Sabrina Golonka received a GAP Kids ad in the mail which she found glaringly sexist. The ad shows a young boy wearing a shirt featuring Albert Einstein who’s labeled the “Little Scholar” and a little girl wearning a sweater and kitty ears who’s called the “The Social Butterfly.” Some believe the ad promotes sexist stereotypes at a time when people in the the UK and the U.S. are trying to close the science-and-math-score gender gap.

As people scrutinized the ad they realized that, ironically, our “Little Scholar” is wearing a shirt with Einstein’s name incorrectly spelled “Einstien.” Which is hilarious being that the boy is characterized as a scholar.

So far, GAP has yet to comment on the ad.