Abused Lab Chimp Finds Friendship in an Unlikely Place

“We’re happy she found something she loves.”

Foxie was born in 1976 and spent the next 22 years as a lab test animal for hepatitis vaccines. She bore children but was forced to give them up to create more test subjects. Finally, in 2008, she was retired to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, 90 miles outside of Seattle, Washington. When she arrived at the sanctuary, Foxie was deemed dangerous to humans, but she found friendship with fuzzy-headed troll dolls, which she takes with her wherever she goes. According to the sanctuary, “A lot of people ask why Foxie Chimpanzee loves troll dolls. It’s really anybody’s guess what the attraction is, but we’re happy she found something she loves that she can enjoy every day at the sanctuary.”

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest provides lifetime quality care for formerly abused and exploited chimpanzees while advocating for great apes.

(H/TViral Nova)