You’ll Flip Over This Animation Of Simone Biles And Usain Bolt In Rio

An artist calling himself The Flippist creatively captured some memorable Olympic moments

People are flipping over Simone Biles’ and Usain Bolt’s gold-medal performances at the Rio Olympics. Literally.

Biles collected four gold medals and a bronze in Rio, while Bolt earned himself his third with Jamaica’s win in the 4x100 relay final.

Ben Zurawski isn’t even a die-hard sports fan, but he – like so many others – has been captivated by these standout performances. “I'm a big softy and just love the whole world coming together (for freakin' once) and giving their all!” he said in an Instagram post.

So he decided to contribute to the celebration via his craft and passion: flipbooks.

Zurawski creates flipbooks – you know, those little books with which flipping quickly through the pages shows a stop-motion stick figure getting up to all sorts of shenanigans? Well, Zurawski’s are a bit more complex than that. He customizes his books’ contents and storylines to his clients’ needs – marriage proposal flipbooks are especially popular products – hand-drawing each page. For Bolt’s performance in the Olympics, Zurawski had some fun illustrating (literally) just how fast the sprinter is.

As for Biles, capturing the American gymnast’s flipping prowess in a flipbook only seemed natural.

Now if Zurawski only would create flipbooks for the various versions of Ryan Lochte’s gas station incident ...