Random Act Of Sport: NFL Reporter Runs 40-Yard Dash While Wearing Heels

“Since you’ve all been DYING to know my 40 time”

Try as it might, the NFL can’t turn its off-season events into the fan attractions that they’d like them to be. So dozens of reporters, team execs, and even players are forced to try to make the NFL rookie combine event feel like fun.

In that spirit, Detroit Lions’ reporter Tori Petry showcased her ability in the most familiar of combine activities: the 40-yard dash.

Declining to suit up in spandex and cleats as many of the players do, Petry took a more professional approach to her racewear—that is to say, she wore her on-camera wardrobe and high heels. To sprint 40 yards. On grass.

How did she do? Amazingly well, actually. She clocked 5.98 seconds in the dash—which, adjusting for her footwear, would probably put her neck and neck with the league’s elite receivers. Maybe. Even without the adjustment, she managed to best Houston offensive lineman Isaiah Thompson’s 2011 time of 6.06 seconds.

Shortly afterward, Petry offered a postmortem of her achievement on Twitter: