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Orioles’ Exec Doesn’t Want Trump Throwing Out Traditional First Pitch

Team executive asks for apology from president in an interview.

Donald Trump has some work to do if he plans to throw out the first pitch for the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles’ stadium is a frequent stop for presidents—given it’s proximity to our nation’s capitol—but if team vice president (and majority owner’s son) John Angelos has his way, Trump will have to apologize for the offensive comments has made before he’s allowed to take the mound.

During a call into the “B-MoreOpinionated” podcast, Angelos made his personal stance clear, stating, "You don't say those things about women, you don't say those things about different ethnic groups, different national origins, people who are disabled, all of that—and if you do say them, you're a big enough person to withdraw them and apologize."

He continued later, "To have somebody that's the leader of the country say things that are demeaning to different groups is incredibly debilitating to the country."

Considering Angelos’ father is the one who gets to make the call, it’s not clear to what extent he’s speaking for the organization with these comments. But if Trump is planning to throw out the first pitch on opening day (no sure thing, given his sensitivity about his athleticism), he’s certainly not beholden to appear, as evidenced during the 12 years the Nationals have resided in D.C.

Trump’s does have some experience throwing out first pitches, having done so in big league games in 2000 and 2006, as well as at a spring training contest in 2004.

Though he doesn’t identify as a Democrat or Republican, Angelos has been a progressive presence in recent years, having been critical of authorities in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death while in the custody of Baltimore Police and in the treatment of disenfranchised citizens during the turmoil in Baltimore almost two years ago.

During the unrest, Angelos took to Twitter on several occasions to interact with fans and discuss the inequalities plaguing his city.

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