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Star Soccer Player Insists On Being Paid In Farm Equipment To Help His Family

Now dad is accusing the club of stiffing him

European soccer leagues offer many of the highest athlete salaries in any sport and a big consideration is the currency by which players get paid. In the United States, the dollar is taken for granted as the only way of paying workers, but in the European community, teams and players must weigh currency options against the standardized Euro.

Or, if you’re Italian soccer juggernaut Juventus, you can pay young star Moise Kean in tractors.

The 17-year-old phenom was offered 700,000 euro and tractors for his father’s farm back in the Ivory Coast. Now, the cash has been ponied up, but the team has failed to make good on the equipment for Moise’s father’s rice and corn farm, according to his dad, Biorou. Said the father to the Independent:

“Juventus offered a contract of €700,000-a-year, which was fine, but the problem is they had also promised me some tractors for my agricultural business in the Ivory Coast, but now they say there is no budget for them. I’ve got several hectares of land in the Ivory Coast which I would like to cultivate with rice and corn. I asked for this agricultural machinery and they told me there wouldn’t be any problems, but now things have changed.”

While the father claims the team doesn’t have the money in the budget to pay for the equipment—a very unlikely story—the team claims that the equipment was never part of the deal. As unlikely as this scenario is, Juventus will have to decide at some point if it’s easier to give the famously outspoken soccer dad his tractors rather than face the reputation damage done by reportedly denying an African farmer his promised tractors.

Some outlets such as this one are speculating that Kean could skip out on the club if it doesn’t deliver the promised farm equipment.

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