For fans on both sides of the aisle, Sunday’s Super Bowl was one of the more exhilarating and nerve-racking in recent memory, if not ever. But one girl found that the game itself took a backseat to her dad’s theatrics while watching the game. She kept a running diary of her dad’s actions during the game, and, judging from the notes, it’s hard to tell which team he was actually rooting for.

Honestly, “screaming” with a half-dozen time stamps next to it could have accurately reflected fans of either team. Or just a drunk Super Bowl party guest with no team affiliation.

But towards the end, after “Dad fights with dog,” it becomes apparent where Dad’s allegiances lie:


In case it’s not clear (and it’s really not), Dad’s a Falcons fan.

Depending on your sense of humor, the account is either refreshingly or unfortunately context-free, so we’ll be left to wonder what the dog did to draw the ire of Dad (Perhaps it supported the legitimacy of Edelman's catch?) or what Dad’s evil laugh really sounds like. A cackle, perhaps?

These behaviors would certainly create a ruckus in any other setting, but when it comes to football, and this Super Bowl matchup in particular, a surprisingly large number of people might just read that diary and just say, “Yup. That sounds about right.”