Tebow Homers On First Pitch As Baseball Pro

The former professional quarterback hadn’t played a baseball game since high school.

Tebow Homers On First Pitch As Baseball Pro

Tim Tebow has been resurrected again. The controversial quarterback sports announcer baseball player has no shortage of doubters and critics. But they were silenced - at least momentarily - after the 29-year-old hit a home run during the first pitch ever thrown his way in a professional baseball game.

The New York Mets prospect was taking part in his first game in a major league instructional league and rocketed the sweet sounding shot off a pitcher from the St. Louis Cardinals farm team.

As USA Today points out, Tebow is probably the oldest player, maybe by a long shot, in the league. And he hasn’t played organized baseball since high-school. But that didn’t stop the Mets from giving the 255-pounder a $100,000 contract.

Tebow still has a long way to go before he suits up in the majors. But after putting some awesome power on display, the possibility of him making it to the Bigs, even in a limited designated hitter capacity, just took one step closer to becoming a reality. And for the Tebow haters, that’s your cross to bear.

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