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Video of grandma slowly coming around to accept her granddaughter's boyfriend is all kinds of wholesome

A woman introduced her boyfriend to her grandparents. Their reactions were vastly different from each other but adorable.

Video of grandma slowly coming around to accept her granddaughter's boyfriend is all kinds of wholesome
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Claire and Peter

Mixed couples are more common nowadays than ever before. But acceptance still doesn't come easily, especially from the older members of the family. In a YouTube video, this woman shared the progression of her Chinese grandma coming to terms with her boyfriend and finally accepting him. The brief clip is truly swoon-worthy. Claire and Peter are a mixed couple who upload travel vlogs. Recently, they posted a video where the woman introduces her boyfriend to her Chinese Grandma who isn't exactly pleased with her choice of a boyfriend. But that gradually changes. The couple then uploaded that cute video on their channel and the amount of acceptance the grandmother shows is inspirational.

Image Source: YouTube | Claire and Peter
Image Source: YouTube | Claire and Peter


Through the video, one can see that the grandmother is super disappointed for an entire week. By the third week, she gets quite friendly and accepting towards her boyfriend. Eventually, when they are leaving the grandmother keeps coming along and waving at her boyfriend and that is a different level of wholesome. For a mixed couple, getting accepted by each other's family means a lot as adjusting to a different culture and way of life can already be overwhelming. Disapproving families can greatly add to that burden. At such times, patience and initiative work wonders, the couple bears testimony to it. In another video, the woman is asking her grandfather if he approves of her boyfriend. The grandpa has a totally different take on things from the grandma. Claire asks her grandpa if he likes her boyfriend, and he says that he likes him very much and that he is very good.

Image Source: YouTube | Claire and Peter
Image Source: YouTube | Claire and Peter


She asks him if he would have liked him more if he was Chinese. Grandpa says, "The same." He added, "I wouldn't like him if he smoked." He explains that he doesn't like smokers. He happily says that her boyfriend likes eating Chinese food and listens to her and that was a very good thing. She also asks him if he has any trouble with her boyfriend being on YouTube. To which the grandpa replies that it was okay. He hilariously adds that if he listens to you everything is okay. He wisely adds that if she meets someone who doesn't listen then the couple would have fights more often. He also says that as she has found someone who does as she says it will be good and that she has made a very smart choice.


A YouTube user @LadeliciaDelinda commented on her grandma's video, "Your grandma has the sweetest smiles. You can tell she had plenty of love from the beginning but maybe was just holding it in! I wish my grandma was alive to have met my Salvadorian boyfriend. I also wished my tio was alive too. I'm Chinese but have family from Mexico so my Chinese mom was surprisingly very receptive to my boyfriend. Love seeing interracial couples on YouTube connect cross-culturally with family." Another user @micheledimond commented, "Aw, sweet Grandma! Just making sure he's genuine. I had my daughter's BF go on a light hike on Puget Sound just to see what I thought of him, and interact with him alone. They just had their first anniversary. He got a 'thumbs up' from our interactions and I have seen how he cares for my girl... I think he might be a keeper." It was quite endearing to see both grandparents have a different but equally heartwarming reaction to the couple's relationship.



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