The Road Home to Craftsmanship

"The Road Home," from Carhartt in partnership with Jefferson Projects, is a series of short documentary videos providing a peek into the lives of American craftsmen and women.

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Carhartt’s four-part series honors the spirit of craftsmanship and celebrates the values of the American worker. These craftspeople and small business owners are resetting the standard of excellence and rebuilding America through their passion, vision and purpose.

Small businesses account for nearly 90% of all companies in America today. Lifting itself from a materialistic past, America is shifting its focus toward a new era built upon recalibrated values and meaning. Rolling up their shirtsleeves, craftsmen and women are getting back to work with newfound optimism. The future is about putting the tools back in the hands of individuals and creating great products with integrity.

With their rich heritage, Carhartt has developed enduring products that serve and protect. A trusted companion since 1889, Carhartt has brought together generations that think with their hands. Durability. Functionality. These are paired with honesty and respect to form a legacy brand that goes above and beyond.