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  • Clean Water For Mom Right now, more than 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water. Charity: Water wants you to help change that. This Mother's...
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  • Happy New House The creative director at a Los Angeles ad agency is remodeling his house. And he wants to reclaim concepts like "family," happiness" and "loyalty" from, well, ad agencies who build brands for corporations.So what does he do? He recruits acclaimed architect Neil Denari* and gears his remodel around his..
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    To The Moon
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  • Internet Porn The sordid relationship between the internet and pornography is a storied one. It's a kinship that inspires thoughts of locked doors and closed...
  • New Video: Internet Porn
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  • Bad Plastic Bags Another GOOD video, this time warning you about danger of über-evil plastic bags. Don't use them. And, apparently, don't use paper bags either....
    Bad Plastic Bags
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  • Ripple Effect One click can't change the world, but perhaps a few million could. Check out Ripple.org--a new site that wants you to be part of the solution to...
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  • GOOD's Love Song To Public Transportation
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  • Republican Debate Recap We may have failed to mention anything about the Democratic debate, but not so with the Republicans, because there were so many of them and they seemed like they were having such a good time. TIME gives excellent short recaps. Apparently, Romney won. This would be easier to tell if hand-to-hand combat..
  • Governor's Ball A short round-up of amusing things related to US Governors:NJ Gov. and bajillionaire John Corzine pays his $46 ticket for not wearing a seat belt after nearly dying in a crash. What a thoughtful citizen.OR Gov. Ted Kulongoski spent a week living on $3 a day worth of groceries. Way to get in touch with..
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