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  • Project 002: Change your mind, change... The OBJECTIVE To change the world (eventually). The ASSIGNMENT Tell us what needs to...
    Issue 002
  • GOOD Hosts WorldChanging Please join us this Saturday as we host a party to celebrate theWorldchanging book tour.Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century is a compendium of themost innovative solutions, ideas and inventions for building a sustainablefuture. Books will be on-sale at the party.Check it out Saturday, December..
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  • Nic Harcourt on music Nic Harcourt on the failing recording industry. PLUS: GOOD Video Feature
    Issue 001
  • I Bought My House At IKEA Ikea, not just for recent college grads anymore. Now you can buy a whole house at Ikea, and then buy your really cheap bed that takes 100 hours to assemble because the instructions have no words, only weird cartoon drawings..
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