Clever Anti-Smoking Billboard Will ‘Cough’ Whenever Someone Lights Up Around It

The billboard follows up with products to help people quit smoking.

if the annoyance of actual people around you hasn’t made you self-conscious about lighting up a cigarette in public, this new tactic, adopted by a Swedish pharmacy, might just do the trick. Teaming up with ad firm Akestam Holst, drugstore chain Apotek Hjartat have put forth a responsive sign that’s sure to have smokers doing double takes.

The poster-sized sign, set on a kiosk, has smoke detectors attached to it that will cause the man pictured to “cough” if the sign believes that someone’s smoking next to it.

After the attention-getting act, the display then switches over to an array of smoking-termination products, such as patches and gum.

Sounds kind of fun, right? Take a look at the sign in action below:

I guess those annoyed by smokers can breathe a sigh of relief that they’ve got machines on their side now, too.