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This Is Why The New Trend Of Using Coke To Get A Tan Is A Terrible Idea

Drinking it is bad enough

In the realm of beauty science, the “science” part of the equation is often quickly dismissed when people get the short-term results they’re seeking. For the past couple of years, especially in the U.K., high-profile celebs have touted the virtues of using Coca-Cola to help get your skin bronze and beautiful.

Sure, it sounds questionable at best, but never underestimate people’s ability to disregard common sense for a quick fix, especially when it comes to their looks.

As for the “science” behind the unlikely practice, well...there isn’t any. Says Dr. Mona Gohara, a dermatologist, “there really are not any scientific facts that back such a claim.” Nonetheless, people have latched on to dubious explanations such as “the acid helps you tan faster” and “the dark tint serves as a catalyst.”

The truth is that even if either of these explanations were the least bit viable, it still wouldn’t be a reason for adopting this dangerous practice. Your body, whatever your natural skin tone, doesn’t need “help” turning sunlight into a tan. Gohara continues with a more obvious assessment: “No tan is a good tan when it comes to skin health. And it certainly is not advisable to slather on soda to aid in an already dangerous process.”

Chances are far higher that slathering your body in a sticky, sugary, caustic substance will cause irritation and possibly even infection than it will give you that elusive glow you’ve been seeking.

She advises using fake-tanning dyes out of a bottle if you have your heart set on a tan. As for the Coke, don’t even “stick to drinking it,” as sodas have been shown to be the biggest obstacle in the battle against obesity. Steer clear of soft drinks altogether, but especially as a beauty hack.

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