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Man Pays Off The Overdue School Lunch Fees At His Former Elementary School

He couldn’t believe that children go hungry in this day and age.

via Twitter and Facebook

Back in September, GOOD reported on a school lunch lady that was so upset by repeatedly having to deny children a warm lunch, she finally just quit her job. This story was emblematic of the attack on school lunch programs across the United States. In fact, last May, Republicans debated a bill that would scale back free lunch programs while removing regulations that keep them healthy. That’s why a recent charitable act by Jerry Fenton is so important.

Last week, Fenton walked into to his old school, Grimes Elementary of Burlington, Iowa and wrote a check for $700 to the school lunch program. The check paid off the $458 that its students owed in unpaid lunch money and added $242 to pay for future shortcomings. “I gave them extra money in the account so that every kid at Grimes Elementary school won’t be hungry the rest of this school year,” Fenton posted on Facebook. “Now it’s your turn to do something good for your fellow man.”

As news of the charitable donation spread, Fenton said he took action after learning about the number of school-age kids that go hungry in America. “I find it hard to believe that in this day and age there are kids that go hungry, it’s just unfathomable,” Fenton told WQAD. After Fenton’s donation, parents who owed money were sent a note from the school saying their balance was cleared. “A lot of the kids don’t know they have an overdue lunch balance because the notice goes home to the parents,” the school’s Food Director, Alan Mehaffy said.

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