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Dads' responses on viral 'man or bear' debate for their daughters leave women amazed

The question has brought in a range of creative responses from social media users all over the world.

Dads' responses on viral 'man or bear' debate for their daughters leave women amazed
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Brett Sayles

A hypothetical question asking women if they would rather encounter a bear or an unknown man while alone in the woods has sparked intense debate on TikTok. Most women chose a bear over a man, highlighting ongoing concerns about women's safety. Despite it being 2024, many women feel safer with a wild animal than with a man. Adding to the trend, many dads joined the TikTok debate, and their surprising responses have left everyone amazed.

Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Rasmus Svinding
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Rasmus Svinding

In a video uploaded by Celeste Nield (@celestenield) on TikTok, she asked her father whether he would choose a bear or a man if his daughters were trapped in the woods. The clip starts with a descriptive layover, "Asking dad with three grown daughters the bear or man question in woods." The daughter straightforwardly asks her dad, if one of his three daughters were to walk through the woods and encounter a man and a bear, who would he prefer his daughter to be alone with? With a slight pause, the dad responds, "Bear." The daughter questions why he chose a bear to which he says, "A bear might leave you alone but a man, perverted, might not either." 

The post has received over a million views and many comments expressing how the dad chose the right answer. @immrsjackson, commented, "The sadness in his eyes when he said bear and the realization of what that means broke me." Another user, @kim_fixerupper, said, "My dad had almost the same reaction."

Image Source: TikTok I @kimmyrae26
Image Source: TikTok I @kimberlyglasgow26

@arlene_ambrose took to the comment section and expressed how her father chose the same answer. She wrote, "My dad is 73. Has 4 daughters. 9 granddaughters. He said Bear without hesitation. Didn’t even look away from the TV." Another user, @kimirons, commented, "The reluctance in his answer... SPOKE VOLUMES cuz he knew bear was the one from the beginning of the question."

@celestenield Dads a real one. Farmers daughter right here. #bearorman #fyp ♬ original sound - Celeste Nield


TikTok user @aysia.lanae asked her husband the same question and posted it on the platform. She reframed it to ask him about their daughter. The text overlay read, "Would you rather our daughter be in the woods with a man or a bear." The husband pauses before responding and is seen rather uncomfortable with the question. He finally responds saying he would choose a bear. 

Image Source: TikTok I @ravenhair0804
Image Source: TikTok I @ravenhair0804
Image Source: TikTok I @terryberrymwu
Image Source: TikTok I @terryberrymwu

The man justified his choice: "Since she is only four years old, it won't be a threat to the bear. She'll be very scared but she will be fine." However, he claimed that a man cannot be trusted as he might do something bad to the baby." Viewers took to the comment section to give their reactions. @lamcknight123 questioned society as he wrote, "Men understanding the nature of men and the world doesn’t change gives me the ick. They all know so they know someone who is like this."

Meredith Steele, who goes by @babiesofsteele on TikTok, asked her husband which encounter he would prefer for their daughter. He looks uncomfortable with both choices. He asks questions like "What type of man" to which the woman responds "That's all we know." The woman gave her husband the choice between a "woman or a bear." He immediately chose a woman. Despite his discomfort with the earlier options, the husband eventually chose the wild furry creature over the man. The clip has garnered over 7 million views and has over 700,000 likes so far. 


Mark did NOT enjoy this line of questioning - Man or Bear in the woods

♬ original sound - Meredith Steele


In another video, Liz (@lizandteddy) asked her father, "If your granddaughters were stuck in the woods, would you rather them be stuck in the woods with a bear or a man you don't know." The old man simply replied, "Bear." When asked for a reason, he said, "I don't think the bear would bother them both." The user even turned off the comments for the video. "Comments are turned off due to men saying horrible things about my father," she wrote in the caption. All in all, just like most women, dads also prefer bears over stranger men when it comes to the safety of their daughters. 

@lizandteddy Comments are turned off due to men saying horrible things about my father. You can argue on my most recent video. #bearvsman #babbo #vet #bear #men #dadsoftiktok ♬ original sound - Liz🇮🇹


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