Dramatic footage shows a high-schooler saving his choking friend's life using the Heimlich maneuver
via International Newz / YouTube

Dramatic footage at the La Crosse, Wisconsin's Central High School shows the importance of teaching teens how to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

Will Olson was having lunch with some friends when he began choking on a cheese curd. After a few agonizing seconds, his friend, Ian Brown, calmly walked over and dislodged the curd by perfectly applying the life-saving technique.

"I was just doing what I was trained to do," Brown told ABC News. He was taught the maneuver in a youth program put on by the La Crosse Police Department.

Here's how to perform the maneuver according to Healthline.

First, if there is a bystander ask them to call 911.

  1. Get the person to stand up.
  2. Position yourself behind the person.
  3. Lean the person forward and give five blows to their back with the heel of your hand.
  4. Place your arms around their waist.
  5. Make a fist and place it just above the navel, thumb side in.
  6. Grab the fist with your other hand and push it inward and upward at the same time. Perform five of these abdominal thrusts.
  7. Repeat until the object is expelled and the person can breathe or cough on their own.