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Little girl defends her grandma and scolds family member in the most adorable way

In a hilarious video, the adorable little French girl stands up on her chair during dinner to defend her grandmother.

Little girl defends her grandma and scolds family member in the most adorable way
Cover Image Source: Reddit | r/MadeMeSmile

A supporting and loving grandchild makes any grandparent’s life better. From indulging to defending them, and spending time with a good grandchild can brighten a person’s day. In this adorable video posted by u/Raphelm, a French girl has been doing the rounds on the internet. She defends her grandma in the cutest and sassiest way, leaving people with hearty eyes and smiles. The brief clip also shows the strength of her character and her upbringing, which have made her capable of standing up for herself and the people she cares for. The cute and gushy factors aside, the sassiness of the little girl is quite hilarious and is bound to leave you in splits. From expressions to body language, the little girl nailed the point she put forth for her grandma.

The little girl is dressed in a pink frock and standing up in her chair, pointing at the person who hurt her grandma. She begins shouting at the offender in French and the overlay text translates what she's saying. She has equal quantities of style and sass as she tells the person, “You hurt grandma…You say sorry," she says. “And you’ll give her a kiss, okay. I am not pleased with you," she says, expressing her displeasure to the person who hurt her grandmother. After putting the person in line, the little girl sits down and folds her hands, still looking full of rage, until someone says, “He’s rude, right?” To which the girl agrees. Surely grandma never needs to worry about rude people since she has her cute little defender at her side! The girl’s anger felt so valid that people were ready to agree with her, even though some of them did not understand French.

Image Source: Reddit | r/MadeMeSmile
Image Source: Reddit | u/Raphelm

People also noted how clever and expressive the little girl sounded while talking. A few others shared their own experience of having a straightforward and no-nonsense child and how there’s never a dull moment with them. People also thought that it might be something that her parents tell her when she misbehaves, making the interaction even more funny. However, we can collectively agree that the little girl is learning all the good things, including respect for her elders and strong principles. The lucky grandma and her granddaughter garnered quite some attention and a series of interesting comments.

Image Source: Reddit | u.airesmoon
Image Source: Reddit | u/airesmoon


Image Source: Reddit | u.SooperFunk
Image Source: Reddit | u/SooperFunk

u/EastTyne1191 commented, “My youngest is a redhead and regularly brings the sass. I have to step in sometimes because she is quick and will absolutely roast people given half a chance. She’s also very empathetic, but she definitely lets you know when you are wrong.” u/LegendofLove wrote about the girl’s quick wit, saying, “She's ahead of her time. Barely into single digits and she's already a granny.” u/Critical-Art-9277 wrote, “She sounds just like an adult, the pointing of the finger was perfect. She knows how to teach people some good manners.” Others also agreed that pointing the finger along with her intonation was just the perfect teacher-like way to teach people some good manners. The girl truly proved that you can make people take you seriously while being absolutely adorable!

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