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Man proposes to his girlfriend using Pokémon cards and there was only going to be one answer

The video went viral on Reddit with many calling for a Pokemon-themed wedding

Man proposes to his girlfriend using Pokémon cards and there was only going to be one answer
Cover Image Source: Reddit | MadeMeSmile

People often mull through a million ideas before deciding on an inventive way to propose to their partner. One man went the extra mile and it now going viral for it. A man, who goes by the name of Sufficient-Bug-9112 on Reddit, recently posted a clip showing him proposing to his girlfriend using a Pokemon card. He was well aware she was into Pokemon and decided that was the best way to her heart.

Image Source: Reddit | MadeMeSmile
Image Source: Reddit | MadeMeSmile


The video depicts a man and a woman, both dressed in blue, sitting on a table. The woman opens a packet of cards. Both of them have a stack of cards in their hands. They shuffle through their respective cards looking at each one of them. When it’s the woman’s turn to take a look at her cards, then suddenly as the woman is sifting her cards, looking at each one, she gasps and her expression turns openmouthed. She turns and looks at her boyfriend, flabbergasted. “Oh my God!” she exclaims. They shift on their chairs to face each other. They hold hands. “I love you so much,” the boyfriend wearing spectacles, tells her. The woman erupts into tears. He then asks, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” The woman looks at him and quickly nods, her eyes still moist with tears of happiness. 

Later in the video, they kiss each other. The woman then rests her head on her boyfriend’s chest who offers her his warm embrace. The boyfriend then pops a golden brown Pokemon card on the screen. At the bottom of the card, scribbled in cursive with a Sharpie pen is the note, “Will you marry me?” The woman wipes her tears and both appear happy. What a beautiful love moment and a cute marriage proposal! The video was posted on the r/MadeMeSmile subreddit and currently has over a million views with nearly 2000 comments. The fans of both Pokemon and love stories went amazeballs over the sweet union. Many spoke about the woman’s reaction. PugGrumbles wrote, “Her face when she realizes is the very definition of pure joy and love. They are too cute together.” spragglefoot_OG commented, “Find somebody who looks at you the way that girl looked at that boy. You don’t need a lot in life but the love of someone who means the world to you is about as good as it gets. Super cute.” Another Redditer, kitgrow, jokingly declared, “They better have a Pokemon-themed wedding.”


However, this was not the first time where a man used a Pokemon card to propose. Beforehand, many people have been seen to employ Pokemon cards to make this special occasion even more special. For instance, there was a case doing rounds on social media in which a man @kirbingtone86 had posted a Reddit photo showing that he used a customized Pokemon card to propose to her girlfriend. The card featured a mustard brown Charizard doodle with messages printed on it, messages like “Will you marry me?” and “I choose you. Will you choose me too?” He wrote that he had told her he'd bought a random pack out of the blue and got Charizard. She wanted to see so he pulled it out and put it in her hand face down. His girlfriend said yes.

Image Source: Reddit | pokemon
Image Source: Reddit | pokemon

In yet another case, a man Onebeardo used a Pokemon card and a master ball to propose the love of his life. He shared the picture of a custom-made master ball and a personally crafted Pokemon card titled “The Proposal.” The card contained a pixelated couple reminiscent of classic Game Boy games, accompanied by Pikachu and Eevee by their side. With 200 HP, the card’s message read, “I choose you,” and also the hilariously warm question, “Will you marry me? If you say yes, then you will gain a player two forever.” The master ball not only contained the card but also had an engagement ring inside it. When the man proposed, she happily said yes. “She said yes folks,” the Redditor wrote later on.

Image Source: Reddit | pokemon
Image Source: Reddit | pokemon


In another case, a woman JeskaCheska shared a photo on Reddit saying that her boyfriend had gifted her a Pokemon card, proposing her for marriage. The card displayed a Game Boy graphics from the Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue games. There, on the card, was a text box with the question printed in pixelated font, “Will you marry me?” Alongside there were Yes and No buttons, resembling the console. The woman, obviously, said yes.

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