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UK Bar Has Exit Strategy for Patrons Suffering Through Bad Tinder Dates

The Brickyard never expected for its sign to go viral.

Image via CC (credit: Russell James Smith)

The only thing worse than an ill-conceived Tinder match is being stuck on a date with one. But this isn’t a concern for the patrons of the Hertfordshire, England, watering hole St. Albans’ The Brickyard. If their dates take a turn for the worse, the bar has their backs. The only caveat is that the amenity is currently reserved for women, but since the establishment is receiving so much positive feedback over its new service, it plans to soon offer men an escape route as well.

Women can intimate their need for an exit strategy to St. Albans’ bartenders by asking for Rachelle or Jennifer, at which point they will be called a taxi or removed from the situation. “Your safety and happiness is our highest priority,” reads a sign hanging in the women’s bathroom. “If anyone is bothering you or making you feel uncomfortable please tell us. We will discreetly move them away, and if necessary, ask them to leave.”

Source: Imgur

The Brickyard’s viral sign was not some sort of marketing ploy to increase revenue to the business. Its only intention was to improve the experience of its female customers. “A sign that was designed purely for the safety of our female customers has caught the eyes of thousands (all genders!) and you have all touched out hearts with your support, so thank you for this,” reads a statement by the bar.

St. Albans’ is tapping into what seems to be a growing market for emergency date rescue. Already there are apps that notify friends when a date goes south and help is needed. Soon people may not even need to move from their seats to notify their bartenders if they want help cutting a date short; they’ll just be able to just ping them with their phones.

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