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New ‘On-Demand Doghouses’ Give Urban Pet Owners Peace Of Mind — For A Small Fee

It might be roomier than some Manhattan apartments.

While stores and cafes are getting pet-friendly to accommodate the growing customer base that treats their animals like members of the family, outlets that allow furry ones are still the exception rather than the rule. As such, the best treatment your pup could expect while you shop in a dog-free shop is a bowl of water and some place out of the way to park them.

However, the folks behind the Dog Parker are betting that when pet owners are presented with better options, they’ll take them. If a pet owner shops at a store outfitted with the white doghouse-sized boxes in front, they’ll be able to browse — and spend — with more peace of mind knowing that their pet is safely housed in the app-friendly device, locked in to prevent roaming or possible theft while sheltered from the elements and direct sunlight.

Using the Dog Parker app, a pet owner can locate and reserve a spot for their dog and monitor their pooch while they’re off shopping, eating, or drinking. The company calls the product “on-demand neighborhood doghouses,” which is a bit of a mouthful but gets the point across.

The startup is being marketed to both retailers and users in different fashions. While users will ultimately drive the revenue through charges for the use of a Dog Parker, the company needs desirable locations to grow and increase awareness. As such, they’re offering retailers the chance to apply for a free Dog Parker with the hopes that its installation will give the store a competitive advantage over other destinations.

On top of a $25 annual fee, the Dog Parker costs $12 per hour, prorated at 20 cents per minute, with a 90-minute limit.

What happens at the end of 90 minutes? The dog is released into the big city, all by itself, at no liability to the company.

Just kidding. Dog Parker sends someone to pick up your dog and deliver them to a boarding facility — and charges you a $200 fee.

To see if Dog Parkers have made their way to your neighborhood, check locations here, but you’ll need to sign up with a credit card to do so.

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